Monday, August 15, 2011

Los Mismos

Eric, ahora si que me la pusiste dificil. Pero, como le digo a varias personas, gracias por confiar en mi. You always challenge me to do something different and I thank you for that. I learn a lot when I get to do something I haven't done before. Espero que les haiga gustado el pastel. Esperemos que Dios siempre les de mucho negocio.


When Kathy, a good friend of ours, called me to let me know that she wanted a BLACK OPS cake for her husband Juan, Eli(my husband), had already decided he wanted to put his own special touch on this cake. Juan is one of Eli's best friends. While I was making the gun, which is made with fondant, Eli made sure I was as detailed as possible. He said " honey, it has too look just like the real gun, you can't mess it up." I think we came pretty close. Eli's special touch is the "score-board" on the back of the cake. I think Juan disagreed a bit on the kills and deaths that were given. Juan, I hope you liked your cake. We had a great time at your party. Que cumplas muchos mas! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Black and Ivory

Muchas felicidades Betty! De todo corazon espero que tu y tu esposo sean muy felices. Se que nos tratamos muy poco, pero me di cuenta en tu forma de ser, que tinenes un gran corazon. Dios bendiga tu matrimonio siempre. By the way, I loved your wedding dress!

Baseball Stadium

This cake was definitely a challenge for me. I'll just say that it was many hours of fun and patience. I was hoping I could sprinkle the sprinkles on there easily, but that wasn't the case. I actually had to place each sprinkle on there one by one; that took about 4 hours. It doesn't seem like it would take that long, but they are so small. I kept dropping the sprinkle as soon as I wanted to place it on the wall. I think I learned my lesson, next time I'll just paint them on there. This was my first stadium, so I feel pretty proud of it. Thank you Jessica for trusting me to do your cake. I hope Enrique enjoyed it. Happy Birthday Enrique!